For all services you must have a clear idea of what you want.  You should be well acquainted with existing WEB sites related to your industry/organization and provide us with examples that demonstrate what you like/don't like.  Also, you should have a good idea how you want your information organized. 

All artwork and logo's submitted should be of the highest quality possible, preferably originals.  Some artwork and logo's will be fully rendered to digital format using illustration software.  Photographs should be submitted in the largest format possible.  Negatives or slides are preferred over positive copies.  Digital photos are also acceptable, but please send us the raw images, we will adjust the levels and compression to maximize quality and efficiency.  

Text can be submitted as typed pages, word processor documents, email, or hand written pages.

Additionally, you can lay out and plan your site just the way you want it using a separate piece of paper for each area/page of your site.  

For Auctions or Classified ads, we can take your photos!  Just let us know and we will handle all the photography for a small service charge.  If you choose to do it yourself, please get as close as possible to the subject and use the largest possible depth of field.

For Photo-Gallery sites, you can include any items to enhance your site.  For example, we can scan the insignia used on your wedding napkins, or a sample of your wedding veil to use as a background...use your imagination, almost anything is possible.  

For Interactive Résumé's - Please submit your resume' preformatted in any word processing program.  This will greatly reduce the cost and time it takes to make your site.

After receipt of your materials, you will be assigned a temporary password-protected area linked to the "customer services" page within this site.  This will allow you to interact with us during your site build.  We will ask for your input during all phases of construction.   After your site is complete, we will transfer it to your own hosting service, or ours.  Please see the next section, "Site Registration" for details. 


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