Due to the nature of custom services, we can only provide you with an estimated range of prices for each individual service.  An exact quote will be furnished after personal consultation.


    We work on a trust basis.  We do all the work with no deposit and no money down.  When you are completely happy, we ask you for payment.  A written quote is provided to you after the first phase of the project is completed (see "getting started" for details).  We will charge you the exact amount of the written quote upon completion of the project.  If you request additional services, we will provide an additional quote for those services.    Our goal is give you exactly what you want, and we will go to great lengths to ensure your happiness with the project.  If, for any reason, you become unhappy with the progress of your site and wish to discontinue the work, you will not be charged a penny.   Please note that all custom graphics are the property of Klicksights until full payment is received.


Services Approximate Cost*

Approximate turn-around time**

Custom WEB cards 
for special occasions - 


1-3 days

Interactive Resume


7-14 days

Auction and Classified 
Add Services


1-3 days

Custom Photo Gallery


5-10 days

Commercial sites

$125 and up

days to months

*Approximate Cost - This represents only an average range.  Some projects may be substantially more or less.

**Approximate turn-around time - This represents only an average range.  Some projects can be completed within a few hours after receipt of materials, while other projects may take substantially longer , depending on client input.


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